Hi Jacky,

I saw Dragons tonight and I thought you came over very well indeed…I am glad you enjoyed/benefitted from the experience. Clearly you both have a great attitude and it is always the people who can learn from their experiences who succeed.

I do hope you are doing well with the Baskit Genie..I still think it is a neat resolution to a problem which I know exists.

Thank you for being in contact and my very best wishes.


2011 We entered Dragons Den to face the Dragons.

Peter Jones said “he could not imagine anyone stealing hanging baskets or visualise anyone running down a street with stolen hanging baskets!!!!

Although the Dragons did not invest, they gave us good positive constructive criticism.  All in all a brilliant day and fantastic achievement. The BBC team were fantastic and gave us support and encouragement. A huge thank you to Holly.  We had very good feedback from many people and had very good exposure for the product.

My advise to anyone thinking of filing an application for Dragons Den “Do it” what have you got to loose. Remember you are in the driving seat and many who have entered the Den and have not secured investment have taken their product or business to the top of the mountain. Trunki to name but a few.